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Go Green!

Please join hands with Groves Valley Products by recycling. Together we can make a difference in helping keeping our environment and our Children's Parks, Beaches,Rivers,Lakes, Neighborhoods. By going green you can help your community. So go Groves Valley Products the next time you Shop.

Affordable Prices!

Customer love our affordable prices. We guarantee our products to be at the lowest price possible.

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The experts at Groves Valley are always monitoring the site, making sure the site is secure.


The Grayson & Groves families will take pride in helping those in need by donating a percentage of our quarterly sales to homeless shelters, children's hospitals, veterans' hospitals, battered women's shelters & many other organizations that are trying to strengthen our communities, with the value of GIVING to those less fortunate. Our families continue to work with the hope that someday we will eliminate the social suffering present in America.

Reasons to choose us?

Go Green! We use recycled materials in our manufacturing process.

Go Green!

Our products

U.S. Made affordable products made from recycled materials for a Greener Planet!

Our partners

We partner with companies who are dedicated to provide quality service and enviormentally friendly products.

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